by Jeff Bobbin

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Heavy progressive metal doom music by The Conduit of Orlando, Florida. Check out more technical djent songs at the links provided below:



released September 9, 2014



all rights reserved


The Conduit Los Angeles, California

The Conduit is a heavy progressive metal project designed for listeners who desire detail, proficiency, and captivation. Each song is comprised of sacred geometrical sequences, Fibonacci rhythmic motives, and meticulously head bang-able time signatures. The Conduit is evolving to accommodate its listeners by sharing love, intellectual stimulation, and refined musical ideology. ... more

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Track Name: Glitter
Greed charms the wretched concept of spilling your bodies blood,
the demons draw in closer every time the flesh is cut.
Obsolescent are the forces that govern the earth
You should have known that nothing exists in the form we see
but as a phantom in which we transform to perceive the way we like it.
Drop your knees to the floor,
My hedonistic nature wont be tempered…
Not by the honorable intent nor your dominion, heathen…
Ill never transition as one should,
not without seeking somber and tranquil closure.
Minds transform.
Our heros die.
Cycles erase all forms of life.
Eyes are transparent.
I wont stop bleeding.
Lies will resurface.
I breath transformation.
Track Name: Grovel
You act as if you're
the one true escapist
from being nothing more than
a host of self hatred.

I aint no god,
but I will tear this fucking world apart.

the fallacy that we have locked inside,
the void in which we have both place our lives,
within complacent facades that we remain hidden behind.

We are the fabric of war and what keeps her alive.
Embrace each facet of greed genuflecting to the rise of daemons,
that extort prophetic, sequential, timelines...
Fate is revised until we evolve into martyrs of mass suicide.

You seek parameters of what we could be
but I'm ruthless and blood thirsty.

All reactions in ruin,
dissociating epitomes of mercy,
adorning their skin with ammunition,
watching the gun fire spray,
wearing the blood as a hubris,
I will never be contained.

Our chemistry is conveyed inside ancient hieroglyphs,
discerning the meek and the forces they must reckon with...

Track Name: Draco
Links exist inside
within tissue and blood
beneath all seeing eyes...
Forever sustain us.
Projecting our hopes
to refine this withered trust.
Will our love die out
or will it stifle us lifeless?

Sanctioned to my dreams suspense.
Ill never sleep unscathed again.

Ley lines cut through, apace,
and peel apart pure virtue,
erased from tarnished hearts.

Possession has vanquished
and the specters remain true to me,
In fables of forgiving my souls constituencies.
Track Name: Reconcile
And so it begins...
Word spoken in the midst of less eloquent
Forms of friendship.
Restore whats lost
Its for the best…
or so its said.

I remember why i never had the answer.
I never reconcile, I only fight.
Suspense brings us to the edge of our senses,
Reminding us we're alive.

She's fading fast.
Feelings are intricate
coerce amends…
Don't hold your breath,
right timing is imperative for when to reach in.
Keep holding on,
the hearts not lost.
Its behind the veil of our belief systems.

I remember why you never had the answers.
You never reconcile, you only fight.
Suspense brings us to the edge of our senses,
Reminding us we're alive.

The victor cant always play the victim,
you chose your fate.
Live, or mistake me for the lenient.

So this is how it ends,
We're smoking and a man walks in with serpents eyes.
He casts his spells,
and now she's gone.
Its for the best,
That we're helpless.

I remember why we never found the answers.
we never reconcile, we only fight.
Suspense brings us to the edge of our senses,
Reminding us we're alive.
Track Name: Intention 1
These sirens are restless.
I never let go.
Compromise instinct,
Aggression meant everything to sensory acclimation.

Prepossessing and frail,
This luminous conduit of fear and resistance.
Each heartbeat brings lesion
To bodies of omniscient demonic existence.
Track Name: Intention 2
Under arches of stars adhered
To the lanterns of seekers beneath us
Remain grounded to the soils of gold
The ethereal coils that link leaders to weakness.

Take off the chains,
Become unrestrained
By the modernized criteria.

In his light we see no scars,
Only elements of who we are
That define purpose bestowed,
The life that follows,
And the souls we own.

Fearing no obstruction,
Emotionally forthright,
Direly expansive,
And vivaciously inclined.

Have you ever felt your heart exist here
In scripted discourse,
Tearing through the skin revealing vortexes
That keep our past lives hidden from us?

Intend, you'd never.
You’d never intend on soliloquized syntax.
Track Name: Apparition
These fears consume all senses.
Breath in the forays from the past.
The cemeteries entice us,
When death translates its manumits.

How can we overlook these,
frequencies together.
They reside in astrals beneath me.
They augment wounds within.

These scars make it evident,
Audible through eyes of torment.

Tombs entwined
with chains bearing wraiths,
shrouded in white.

Tombs in twilight.
These demons were our kin,
using their skin to hide behind.

Killed to become refined.
Track Name: Lilith
My soul grows cold an stagnant.
I sign to ignite, reverse and revise the spells.
My blood spills in alter-egos and fragments
of my former self but Ill never tell.
I only wish I were someone else.

I feel nothing at all.
Each phone call has become ceremonial.
You are no angel,
even if where we reside has been celestial.
Track Name: Incandescent
Your qualms wont fade to grey.
Promise ethereal, inescapable feeling.
I forgot what we were today:
objects of euphoria, alive and breathing.

The words need no one to hear.
The mind seeks self control.
The eye sees regiment adherence.
The harm has no console.

Her portrait lights its frame,
the body that exists without
autonomy and self restraint.
I forgot who she was today,
reminded that the rain will fall.
The memory will wash away.
Track Name: HellHound
There's no reply,
The proxies wont give him away.
There's no price tag,
Our lives are all worthless,
The secret's taken to the grave.

I wish that we could recognize what was lost.
We never seem to exploit the wrong cause.
The secrets leak before they ever understand,
refusal places power in our hands.

I was taken into the darkest corner of intrinsic evolution,
Where I was torn apart by hell hounds and infernal dissolution.
I cried for help in vowels of silence, forever stuck in this realm of torture,
Raped and devoured by my intimately fabricated horrors.
Track Name: Runes In Warbles
The night engenders paralysis forged as lullabies,
Inhaling ether charged with blood sacrifices and battle cries.
The love that once upraised our guild now anchors us
In stagnant realms hand in hand as atrophying corpses.

Prosecution in ancient discourse.
The need for totems to feel dynamic in love transformed remorse.
(Precepts that torment us)
Relegated to the sands of nullity.
The sands of time that divide reality into transfixion.
Deserts that consecrate

The Luciferian existential condensed light
That this world will burn before.
I have become the duality within
This undead consciousness.

Delete the traditions
In which the flesh consumed, your lord is praised for.
These are not your gods limbs to give,
For faith forsaken savage flesh whore’s.

Runes enchanting us.
Runes recanting doctrine.

The creatures proclaimed are not your own.
Prerogatives will not seek casualty.
The sovereign will renounce his warrants.
His God will bleed for eternity.

The prospects convey our species
Retching the blood and bones they’ve stolen

A taste for whom exhibits your negligence.
Bow down
To the kingdoms in which your yearnings have abridged.
Choice has
Forsaken our inherent rituals.
Dawn tares,
The fabric that sheltered our hearts in umbrage.